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Matters needing attention in the use of hydraulic quick coupling

Issuing time:2018-12-24 22:06

Hydraulic quick coupling is mainly used in hydraulic system and construction machinery. In general, the main material should be made of metal (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass) which can resist vibration and impact. Dimensions and installation shapes are also varied. In use, we should pay attention to the following matters:

First:  Warning matters

1. Do not use for fluids other than fluids in use. ,

2. Do not exceed the maximum use pressure limit at work.

3. When working, do not use outside the temperature range to prevent damage or leakage of sealing materials.

4. Do not disassemble by yourself.

Second: Notes

1. External threads of control threads shall be made of special sealing materials for threads.

2. When installing, the applied moment should not exceed the maximum moment, so as to prevent the thread from being damaged.

3. Don't use it for other purposes than quick joints when working.

4. Do not connect with other fast fluid joints when working.

5. Do not hit, bend, stretch and prevent damage when working.

6. Do not mix metal powder or sand dust in the work to prevent bad work or leakage.

7. Attachment of debris to work will cause bad work or leakage.

8. Brake valves must be installed before fast joints when working.

9. The durability of the machine will be reduced if it is used for vibration and impact during working.

10. Do not use water and glycol series media when working. Such substances can cause the dissolution of zinc coating on the surface.

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